K-5 Toolkit

Middle/High School Toolkit

Schools are integral to the development of sustainable healthy behaviors that
children carry throughout their lives. That’s why 5210 Let’s Go! collaborates with
teachers, school administrators, food services and school health personnel to spread
the 5210 message. The goal is to promote health in every aspect of children’s
academic experience, whether by classroom-level strategies or broader school
policies. 5210 Let’s Go! is aware of the unique constraints schools face, such as
time limitations, budget restrictions, and mandated educational objectives. With this
in mind, the 5210 model is designed to be flexible by complementing school
cultures, policies, and curriculums that are already in place.

Strategies for Success

The 5210 school model is organized around these evidence-based strategies for success.

  • Limit unhealthy choices for snacks and celebrations; provide healthy choices.
  • Limit or eliminate sugary drinks; provide water.
  • Prohibit the use of food as a reward.
  • Provide opportunities to get physical activity every day.
  • Limit recreational screen time.

How It Works

5210 Let’s Go! provides schools with an official 5210 toolkit, technical
support, promotional materials and educational resources. Over a six-week
implementation period, the 5210 team works with school faculty, staff and parents
to incorporate the 5210 message into the existing curriculum, examine school
policies, and organize educational activities. By the end of the implementation
period, schools have gained the knowledge and tools they will need to practice the
5210 message throughout the school year.

When it comes to creating healthy habits, schools are just one piece of the puzzle. It’s
important for children to see the 5210 message reiterated wherever there’s an opportunity
to learn something new. Here’s how schools, educators, community members and families
each play a role in helping kids develop and maintain healthy lifestyles:

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