Healthcare Toolkit

Reiterating 5210 in healthcare settings lends credence to the message and helps
reach parents and children when they are most receptive to health information. The
5210 Healthcare toolkit features a number of useful resources for clinicians, and the
5210 team is ready to provide technical assistance and training where needed.

Here are some ways to implement 5210 in clinical settings:

  • Display a 5210 Let’s Go! poster in your waiting room and exam rooms
  • Incorporate the 5210 Healthy Habits questionnaire into your office work flow.
  • Determine Body Mass Index (BMI), BMI percentile, and weight classification in patients age two years and older
  • Increase involvement in Let’s Go! sector interventions
  • Talk with patients and families about the 5210 principles
  • Hand out 5210 patient and family tools one at a time –based upon the patient’s and family’s areas of interest.

If you would like to arrange a 5210 session for your healthcare office, please contact