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One – Hour of Physical Activity

Kids need an hour or more of physical activity each day to stay healthy.  Regular physical activity is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancer.  Physical activity helps decrease stress, improve sleep, and increase energy.  It makes bones stronger and helps children and adults feel good about themselves.

Whole Family Hula Hooping Outdoors

Get Started

  • Make physical activity fun! Play a game instead of focusing on just moving.
  • Encourage your children to do activities they love the most.
  • Start by making small changes. This will help you and your family stick to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Turn physical fitness into a family event. Be a role model and move with your kids.
    • Walk or bike to school with your kids
    • Take the stairs
    • Have a dance party
    • Train with your family for a community walk or running event
    • Incorporate fun physical activity in family gatherings
  • Get outside and explore our beautiful environment.
    • Go to a park
    • Walk the beach
    • Go to a playground
    • Walk or hike around your community
    • Explore a neighborhood
  • Busy schedule? Do shorter bouts of activity throughout the day.  It adds up!
  • Try a video game that helps you burn calories like Dance Dance Revolution. It’s all about having fun while moving.
  • Remember: Never force a child to be physically active, make fun of children who are not active, or use exercise as a form of discipline.

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